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Marketing is inspiring others

March 27, 2012

How do we inspire without being off-putting

I just took a stroll over the cliff-top since I wasn’t getting anywhere sitting at the computer and met a dog walker who said hello. I thought I recognised her and she even knew my name. Then I remembered that she was a Reiki practitioner and it turned into an interesting conversation (certainly on my part !) since it gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts on marketing.

What I said was:

“There is no point in trying to market what you do through the name of the process you use ……..

if you do you will be limiting your client base to those people who know what kind of practitioner they want. The majority of the population have no idea what Reiki or homoeopathy or herbalism etc do so why should they decide to consult such a practitioner for their problem ? In my own experience it is also true to say that most people don’t care what the practitioner does – as long as it is toxin free and it doesn’t hurt ! They merely want their problem solved.

Your challenge is to identify the mental/physical/emotional “pain” of your target group talk about the expert help that you have been to others in their situation and to offer the possibility that they too can learn to take control of their health.”

My dog-walker friend made polite comments but she wasn’t really very interested in my preaching …

I had a telephone conversation with a close friend later the same day and on learning that she was likely to be made redundant I immediately launched into the possibilities that I saw her skills gave her in becoming self-employed. It soon became clear that she wasn’t ready to fully embrace this idea.

Both of these conversations were a good lesson in reminding me that my enthusiasm for what I see somebody else can or should do is totally irrelevant. When they are ready to make a change then they will ask and they will also be happy to pay for the service.


Recognising and experiencing success

March 27, 2012

Do we actually appreciate ourselves?

Whether we are employed or self-employed all of us face the challenge of maintaining enthusiasm for the things we do. Even those not working for money will have some sort of responsibility for looking after the household affairs be it doing the shopping, cooking or cleaning.

Often we are so overwhelmed by day-to-day responsibilities that we do not actually appreciate ourselves for all that we contribute –even worse our minds are often full of all the things that we haven’t done. This comment came my way:

“I am my own point of reference. All the life that surrounds me is integrated and experienced through this “I.” I am like a transistor connected to radio waves. If I am clean and clear inside, I will get clearer messages. If I am lost in unfelt, unresolved emotional issues, my receivers will be impaired and I will not be in a position to get clear messages. I will tend to interpret experience in an overly subjective manner, seeing what goes on around me as either supporting or negating my position, and I will process experience through this colored lens.

Actually, there is no real path toward soul. When I sufficiently cleanse the self, soul is there. I will examine and work through the complex, dysfunctional patterns and traumas that the “I” has accumulated, so that I can be freer to experience soul.

I will see through a clearer lens.”

Complementary therapies on the NHS

August 22, 2011

Studies show that having complementary therapies on the NHS would help save the NHS millions, but more importantly, there is a huge and growing number of people that simple do not use the NHS because it does not serve them. We all pay for the NHS, we should all be able to use it, therefore it must offer all forms of health care that are popular and wanted by the people. An integrated NHS is a modern NHS and is the future of medicine.

This is an email petition to campaign for a free NHS service on complementary therapies including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Herbalism and Reflexology.

Please click here to visit the petition

What is health?

July 25, 2011
My Mum has now passed on at the grand age of 88 years – I like to think she is now the butterfly that has emerged free from the chrysalis that constrained her for some years.
These words came my way today:

The point that health is not so much the absence of disease as it is the presence of an optimal healing process is crucial for understanding our lives. It is crucial because the principle applies not only to our physical health but also to our mental health and to the health of our organizations and institutions. A healthy organization – whether a marriage, a family, or a business corporation – is not one with an absence of problems, but one that is actively and effectively addressing or healing its problems. – M. Scott Peck, M.D


“Pain exists only in resistance, joy only in acceptance”

July 12, 2011

My Mum is now dying. She is 88 years old and her time to move on has come. It has been a long slow decline and I have had my tears of sadness a number of times over the last few years. In this final stage I had been  focusing on a happy smiling photograph that I have of her and of really “living” the life that she has given me. Then last evening I began to feel “bad” – I finished a book to take my mind off the discomfort but of course it pushes through and I found myself needing to lay down in the foetal position where I slept.

I’ve woken this morning and again am not feeling good I asked myself “how do I know there is a problem?”. I have  a general all over bodily tension and I suddenly “got” that it was purely because I was resisting the way that my Mum is dying. I have become so wrapped up in the unpleasantness of the difficulty of her passing that  I am unable to rejoice in the freedom she is about to experience. I am resisting the fact that I cannot “do” anything to speed the process. I am resisting what I consider to be the inappropriateness of some of the medical care she is receiving. I am resisting the fact that I cannot help her with my words or skills because in her mind I am still her “little boy”. I am resisting the decisions that she has made in her life that I think are making this passing more difficult.  In short I am resisting “surrendering” to what is.

I picked a card out of my box of texts from A Course in Miracles – “The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength”. The reality is that we are not “powerless” in these situations but rather that we are “powerful” beyond measure. Our power lies in our willingness to ask for help not only from “God” but from God’s representatives who are all around us. To accept that difficult situations actually offer the opportunity for insight and a greater experience of who we truly are. To accept that we feel as we feel, that we are doing our best with the resources available to us and to know we can receive help at any moment. “Ask and you WILL receive” perhaps not in ways that we might expect or even want. The key lies in the acceptance of what “is” and the acceptance of our feelings and the willingness to believe that these feelings can change and that they will change as we learn to love and appreciate ourselves.

Alone or Lonely?

June 14, 2011
This poem just came my way.  It coincided with my thinking about this matter. For many people the most distressed they feel at their aloneness is when they are surrounded by others but they are not part of the couples and groups they witness as being happy and enjoying themselves.
It is being unhappy that is the core of the issue – almost invariably this will relate to early childhood experiences of aloneness when we felt frightened for our survival – lack of touch in babyhood, unsupported in dealing with a problem as a toddler – we survive these experiences (we’re still here!) but the ways we find to adapt and cope are often those of co-dependency be it through relationships, food, substance abuse, etc.
Making peace with our past is the key to being content with our experience in the ‘now’ – whether ‘alone’ in company or simply by ourselves. To that end I’ve been working with a process called faster EFT. I found Robert Smith has some really good ideas – particularly the notion that distressing memories demonstrate the mind’s ability to recreate emotional states now even though the event may be long past. “Re-membering’ is simply a trance and the stress messages that the brains sends to the organs and body systems can be interrupted by tapping on acupuncture meridian points to enable the memory to fade. 
I have found also that I can replace negative memories with positive ones that I would like to have happened. It has really helped me create images of happy childhood experiences that comfort and bring a sense of peace. I found Robert to be caring and generous despite his rather brash exterior. His 400+ videos on YouTube are an amazing resource.

How to be alone

June 13, 2011

This little video came my way. No introduction can do it justice – just watch and enjoy…